• “I have great confidence in you…”

Branden Chapman
Vice President, Production, Process Management and Business Development
The Recording Academy– The GRAMMY’s.

  • “Mark is a dynamic businessman with great ideas and the innate ability to carry through with those ideas and make them happen.”

Graham Simpson
Vice President, Ticketmaster

  • “In my opinion Mark is one of those rare individuals who will not let anything stand in the way of his high principles.  Mark Hall enjoys a reputation in this community of integrity and honesty ….principled approach I very much admire.”

Neil McCrank Q. C.
Deputy Minister of Justice And Deputy Attorney General
Province of Alberta

  • “Mark, I talked to Mr. Stewart yesterday and he loved the idea….so can you give me a call….”

Lotus Donovan
Project Manager for Global Music Icon Rod Stewart

  • “The impression I left the second session with is that the entire process would fall apart if it was not for the fact that you are the Chairman.  Your clear thinking, fairness, and firmness have gone a long way to keeping this moving forward.  Despite the odds you have maintained the integrity of the process.  Thank you very much for continuing with this very difficult process.”

Rick Antonson

  • “Congratulations on the success of your project.   It speaks volumes about your vision and hard work.  It’s terrific for hockey.”

Gary B Bettman
National Hockey League

  • “Mark…I do not know how success is measured; whether by cup or scale but what I do know is that success is what you have because you are the person you are.  Be assured that my cooperation is yours at all times…”

William H. Comrie
The Brick Warehouse

  • “On behalf of all of us, sincere thanks for your efforts, your caring and your talents, all of which helped to make “Wayne Gretzky – Hockey My Way” such a success.”

Christopher Dew, Producer

  • “Thank so much for your tremendous efforts…an absolute pleasure working with you…you’re great.”

Carrie Catherine
Canadian Recording Artist whose music was then produced in Nashville.

  • “Just a note to say thanks for everything.  But especially for being such a great friend!”

Michelle Cameron,
Olympic Gold Medalist

  • “Mark’s integrity, caring and leadership skills has led to a very natural, positive development in my son as he entered the world of professional sports.  Mark’s vision, passion and ability to create dreams and help them to come true has been powerful and exciting. …You have certainly been a rock for me.”

Hope Clark,
Mother of Dan Blackburn who became a First Round Selection, New York Rangers.

  • “Mark has always challenged me to be my best and to strive for perfection.  He has guided me through some uncertain times and helped me create clarity in my quest.  Mark is an excellent mentor.  I trust his judgment implicitly and I know his skill at helping forge a path towards excellence is unmatched.”

Jeff Pain
World Cup Gold Medalist
Olympic Silver Medalist

  • “In the twenty-eight years that I have been involved…no Board Member has contributed so greatly…”

Msgr Bill Irwin,
Member of the Order of Canada

  • “Mark, I am impressed with your report…great job.”

Glen Sather
President,New York Rangers

  • “Your friendship and understanding as well as your business savvy have been one of my most pleasant experiences not only in the season past but since I met you…”

John Shannon
Executive Producer, Hockey Night in Canada

  • “Mark…thank you for your support, understanding and dignity.  Yes, big dreams do stir the hearts of real men.”

Tom Renney
Head Coach
Canada’s National Hockey Team