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Leadership and Innovation

As a leader Mark Hall continues to create positive and groundbreaking results for over 30 years.  He has served as Chairman and member of numerous corporate and charitable boards of directors and leading associations and organizations in business, professional sports, professional music, economic development, tourism, social services and child welfare in Canada, New York and Washington.

Mark has written insightfully as a column writer for a leading international business publication and as an opinion page editorial writer in Canadian daily newspapers on numerous occasions. He has led the creation of numerous big ideas and his insights and ideas helped create Hockey Day in Canada where he presented his essay, The Spirit of the Game. His personal work in the groundbreaking 1992 NHL salary arbitration resulted in catapulting the player salary benchmark up to 5 times more and was a landmark result for every NHL player who had never achieved an all star vote.  With his consistently demonstrated interest in the human condition, Mark was the co-chairman of the meeting to establish the Canadian Child Welfare Association.

Mark is presently leading a new global initiative in music and with the assistance of Coca Cola’s New York based branding agency has developed a key insight and brand message to serve humanity.

Mark is passionate about strong, caring and ethical leadership and has been a student of leadership since 1979.


Over 30 years Mark Hall has mentored and advised corporate and social leaders and super elite talents, many of whom are household names, in world class fields including music, sports and art.


Mark has spearheaded events that have sold over 7.5 million tickets.

He has led the creation of international brands in existence today and served in a brand management capacity.  He has developed personal brands.  He created a complete franchise development program in the NHL for a US based franchise. Mark has created product line definitions and pricing strategies for product lines.  He’s managed key accounts, developed contracts that have been used by global corporations, managed broadcast agreements and sponsorship partnerships and managed mid- sized budgets.  He was an early pioneer and expert in computerized ticketing. He was also an early innovator in sports art marketing with superstars following in the footsteps of Mohammed Ali and preceding Wayne Gretzky.  Mark advanced and widened the use of music in professional sports game presentations. He created and managed the © SPUCK sales management system including a client management system that resulted in 60% sales growth of an established company in the first two years of implementation. His inspiration and expertise helped to pioneer Ohlymeyer Communications into home video in Canada.

Mark has been the exclusive marketing agent for super elite talents on the world stage. He is also the author of human service campaigns by elite stars that have helped build excellent reputations and lasting careers.


Hall has been a close and trusted friend and advisor who has managed all facets and matters relating to the careers of super elite talents including their career management, salary arrangements, insurance, endorsements, business promotion, financial management and more.

Strength and integrity are Mark Hall’s defining qualities.

Mark has served on the senior management team of a major league professional sports franchise where he also worked with; federal government officials; managed key stakeholder relationships; league and team officials where he wrote and implemented corporate policy. Hall advised on strategic decisions with an emphasis on marketing and corporate management. He was repeatedly recognized by the league office in New York and his international peers in many of the major North American cities as a leader and innovator.

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